About Us




84mm Studio is a dream come true for us - Sreedhar & Harish.

The name 84mm is a fusion of our year of birth (1984) and the lens nomenclature "mm".

Having spent our growing years together ever since the school days - our love to travel, meet new people and create memories through the visual medium brought 84mm studio to this world on 1st September 2012.
Despite graduating as engineers as a part of the Indian middle class ritual and serving a seven year professional career in the Networking and Automobile industries respectively, we quit our white collar jobs to establish 84mm studio as a professional photography service provider.
An exciting journey which started as a passion that defined us individually, 84mm Studio is now a culmination of our efforts together to create something special very close to our hearts.
We strive hard to give the utmost value for money to our customers not compromising on quality and the creative involvement. In our zeal for excellence, we keep ourselves updated with the technology and skills required to deliver contemporary output.
At 84mm Studio, we value the relation we hold with our clients the most. We ensure our team is a part of your celebration and not just a witness to it.
We have an extended team of photographers and videographers selected with utmost care who carry forward the DNA of 84mm Studio.